söndag 4 december 2011

Intervju - James Thompson

Jag och min mustasch har nu gjort vår andra intervju, detta med en man som inte förstår styrkan i att ha mustaschen på plats permanent.

James Thompson

Kommer ursprungligen från Vancouver, Canada, men tas lätt för en jenkare då han har ett självförtroende som en amerikan.

James bor nu i Göteborg och han flyttade till Sverige på grund av studier samt drömmen om Sverige. James driver idag ett eget företag som experimenterar med diverse kompositmaterial, och ni kan se mer på www.blackbadger.se

Då James är så pass duktig på engelska så har han valt att svara på frågorna på detta utländska språk bara för att visa att han kan, men sån är han, James.  

Jag har observerat att du är en mustaschperiodare, det vill säga du låter den komma och gå, så varför låter du den inte bestå?
*sits back and lights a pipe, looking out over the waves*   Well you see, my young friend...my relationship with my moustache is like my relationship with the sea...she's a fickle mistress, one to be loved but never fully trusted. Sure as the tides, it comes and goes, and I am just a passenger

Hur länge har du haft mustasch som längst utan att ta bort den?
That depends, I've had it go for a month or longer a few times, but mostly when I had it in some silly configuration. You know the kind, in your mind you look like a wild west gunfighter, when in reality you look like you should be renting out Vespas in a Greek resort. This last go-round, my moustache put up with me for about 3 weeks before it got tired of me and left...My dad had a proper dad-'stache my whole life growing up, it was the source of his worldly powers. He shaved it a few years ago, and now he looks fucking younger than I do.

Har du provat olika mustaschtyper och vilken är din favorit?
Definitely! Whatever I try and do, it ends up looking like a third eyebrow, so I kinda have to go all the way and just make myself look like a hopeless knob. I did Fresh Fish (göteborg fashion and jewlery design event) a few years ago, and since my jewelry has this sort of high-tech / aerospace kinda vibe going on, I decided to model myself after the cliche highschool chemistry teacher look*. I guess a true moustacher would call that 'stache either the Mike Ditka or possibly the Josef Stalin. Essentially a baguette-shape that gives a fairly stern, yet totally inept appearance. I tend to go for the trucker / biker / handlebar moustache when I can. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, which is essentially Canadian Texas. Cowboys and oilwells. I revert to my cowboy roots. Makes me look like a dangerous outsider...someone to be feared. Definitely not a 35 year old nerd from the canadian suburbs. Nope. Not at all. I did a really thin little moustache at HDK for a few days...sort of the french waiter kinda deal. I modified it a bit, so it became The Chilean Fighter Pilot moustache. Try it out yourself, it goes great with a nice Merlot
*the chemistry teacher look

Har du någon mustaschförebild?
Hmm....Kurt Russel in Tombstone, THAT's a decent moustache. Even Colin Farrel in Miami Vice had a good dirtbag 'stache playing goaltender to his piehole. On that subject, I've thought about growing a really narrow little evil-hitler 'stache, but letting it grow straight down for like 4 years until I look like that Zoidberg guy from Futurama.

Har mustaschen någonsin spelat en avgörande roll i ditt liv?
Well, if you include putting up funny pictures of it on facebook and having 5 people like it, then YES, I am a golden shiny star who poops rainbows and baby pandas
Vad är det bästa med att ha mustasch enligt dig?
It's a way of having a complete life makeover, you instantly take on the characteristic of the moustache. Like in that Simpsons episode where Homer got the hair transplant from the criminal guy, and then starts going evil! But the real grind is that unless you see the same people every day, no one gets it. I shaved off my beard 3 weeks ago and started rockin the Stalin-'stache, and nobody noticed! I was on the tram in the morning, and all these total strangers acted like they didnt notice anything awesome or hillarious about me. The nerve!!! I think actually it was some kind of flashmob, because a few highschool girls looked like they were having a hard time not laughing...I'M ONTO YOU!!! REVEAL YOUR SECRETS

Vad är det sämsta med att ha mustasch enligt dig?
Hmmm, I'd have to say everyone thinking I was an undercover cop.
A gay one.
From the 70's.
In Belgium.

Ditt bästa mustasch minne?
That Moustache Society dinner last week, where I sipped cogniac with Sam Elliot and Gustave Eiffel. Great guys.

Kommentarer/åsikter från vänner och familj?
Well this is a tough one, it's been hard to get my family to accept this new look. My moustache and I aren't on speaking terms right now.  *looks out over the waves, Hemmingway-esque*

Bästa mustaschkomplimang?
I'm going to borrow one that was said about a friend of mine, they said he looked like a cowboy from a Danish-made cowboy film. That just opens up so much more potential for mocking. I've been told mine was comparable to Freddy Murcury's accountant. Go figure

Framtida planer för dig och din mustasch, ett år med mustasch som nyårslöfte kanske?
I'm going to start coloring it grey to look more like weathered cowboy and less like Borat

Hur sköter du din mustasch, och hur mycket tid lägger du ned på den?
Very little, aside from the trimming and removing of leaves and twigs. The local crows do most of the work for me. 

Du jobbar ju en hel del med spännande material och smycken, har du någon gång funderat på att ge dig in i den något smala nischen kring mustaschsmycken?
INTERESTING! I love the idea, I'd do dreadlocks with the beads and stuff but I'd probably end up getting chipped teeth. I do think I'll try that Zoidberg moustache now that I think about it....

Vi tackar James för engelska-kursen och de trevliga svaren och hoppas du fattar beslutet snart att mustaschen är en del av dig som  bör stanna kvar för evigt.

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